Our Story


Artisan Home Designs is a full-service design boutique with a focus on creating inspired spaces that suit our client’s lifestyle.  Artisan is made up of a talented group of professionals who are fully committed to providing each client with the space they truly need. Whether it's designing a new office or a bathroom. 


We are dedicated to helping our clients fall in love with their space. We explore every corner for creative possibilities for the best use of existing dimensions. During the process, we work closely with each of the trades every step of the way to ensure 100 satisfaction for our clients.

As experienced listeners, we’re ready to work with you to fulfill your aspirations. Teamwork, virtual walk throughs  and detailed drawings will help you envision your dreams.  We provide that plan from start to the final walk through.  Give us a call today to set up your consultation.

Doreen Morris

Doreen was born in New York City across the street from the Bronx Zoo.  It was an amazing place to grow up and as a child she thought everyone had elephants in their backyard.  

She has spent her entire professional career in Art and Design.  Initially in the world of Art,  then transitioned to designing her own line of Jewelry as a Silversmith refining her eye for details , in  her own style of Rustic Elegance.

In 1989 she bought her first home and began her love affair with remodeling.  Returning to college at Fairfield University in Connecticut, for Interior Design,  she turned her eye towards larger scale design in the world of Interior Design specializing in Custom Cabinetry/ Furniture.  Capturing the attention of a respected manufacturer while finishing a nine story project on Fifth Ave in New York, she began  an 8 year employment as their Regional Representative/Product Development. Mentoring under so many great minds in  the manufacturing side of the business from the ground up was invaluable in her next step to creating Artisan Home Designs with her partner Nadya.   

Doreen is a 30 year advocate for an Organic Lifestyle,  A Green Future and Natural Feel Good Spaces.   Her favorite designs lean towards an Eclectic Dynamic Space, with an appreciation for Rustic Classics.  She is always seeking out talented Artisans' who show love and passion for their craft.   As she would tell you " I am so lucky I get to wake up everyday and do something I love and have great passion for."

She is a Mom,  Grandmother,  Wife and a Life Long Equestrian.  While traveling abroad she met her Husband in his homeland of Scotland and they now resides in Massachusetts for the past 13 years.   


Nadejda Rutman 


Born in Chisinau, Moldova, Nadejda always had a passion for Art. While a student in elementary school her favorite subject was Art. “I knew from my early childhood that I want to become an Artist.” says Nadejda, “I was always a very creative kid”. Nadejda’s parents still remember her first artistic expression on the walls of the house. “I’ve always enjoyed the process of picking out wall colors, wallpaper patterns, hardwood floors,  window draperies, for myself, my friends and our relatives.” Says Nadejda. They were her first clients. She started her interior design journey very early, attending a vocational Design Academy while still in High School. She went on to finish her bachelors degree in interior design at Univers-Moldova University in 2008. After graduating, she was lucky to start her interior design career at a building company "Matimcons". Working at Matimcons, she was introduced to Villeroy & Boch, Axor, Hasgrohe, Devon-Devon and other famous brands. She instantly fell in love with their quality and design. Her work has been published in Eastern European Magazines and Web Publications. “I love to travel and during my first visit to United States, I met my husband.” Says Nadejda. Today, Nadejda resides in the greater Boston area with her Husband, Two Kids, and a Parrot. In the Boston area, she has worked as a kitchen designer for over 6 years in various showrooms, gathering industry and local experience. She has also completed several commercial design projects, and is proud to patronize them often.