• Doreen Morris

5 Tips when remodeling a kitchen

TIP 1: Pick all your appliance first!

1) Pick all your appliances out first and print out the manufacturers specifications. This can be done on line or instore. Depending on how you want to cook or entertain in your kitchen depends on what type of appliances you will consider. Sizes and functions vary a lot, along with prices and availability. Do you want 4 burners or more, gas or electric, 1 oven or 2, Wine cooler? Semi professional units? This is the beginning of building your budget and your bag of samples.

TIP 2: Build a bag of samples

2) Build a bag of samples , go to a stone yard for samples of your counter tops. Gather other samples too along the way and keep them in your car. It doesn't matter what you pick first or last. You just want to get all the elements that are going to be in the big picture. You should have at least A piece of Stone counter top, paint chips, fabric for furniture or window treatments, tile backsplash, flooring, Lighting, sink, faucet and hardware. Now when you go to the cabinet shop you have the whole picture.

TIP 3: Define your style

3) Have an idea of what style you like. Is it a modern feel, a farmhouse , Traditional? Do you like Stained cabinets, painted cabinets, veneer /Formica. I tell my clients take a day or 2 and get a whole bunch of Kitchen Magazines or IPad and pull out the pictures of things you like and put them in file folder. Circle what you like about that picture. Maybe it is where the microwave is installed, an accessory inside or a Stained Wood coupled with a Painted cabinet. Whatever it is, just make a note on that page of what was appealing to you.

TIP 4: Go shopping!

4) Now you are ready to go shopping. A good place to start is recommendations from family and friends where they bought their cabinets. The most important thing is to click with your designer. First talk about the different types of construction for your cabinets (this determines some of the cost), second they should go over the different options framed and frameless, full overlay, inset, etc.. Your designer should ask a lot of questions and listen carefully to what your needs and wants are for the most important room in your house. How do want to function in your kitchen? Maybe you want 2 cooks at the same time, maybe you have psychical restraints to discuss, wheelchair accessible? Here is where your sample bag comes into play.

Bring out all your samples and view them with the sample cabinet doors and finishes. If you have any architectural drawings ask them to make a copy.

TIP 5: Pick a designer

5) Once you have picked your designer (Artisan Home Designs!) and sample doors. Hopefully you were able to borrow them for a period of time. When you get home line up all your samples in your lighting to see how you feel about the whole picture. Now you are ready to make an appointment for them to come out and measure your space. Ask when phase 1 of the preliminary design will be ready to review and set up the appointment. Most of the time it will take at least 2 to 3 design changes to reach the perfect design. When you have your design your designer will be able to build a budget based on the cabinet price and square footages for all the other elements in the design!

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