• Doreen Morris

Cleaning out the Closet

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From the beginning of time, my kitchen has been one place where I refuse to compromise. I enjoy shopping and selecting fragrant organic produce, herbs and spices and high-quality whole foods. I love the process of organizing to my lifestyle and the sensorial feast of the bounty. The value I place on the time, thought and money I invest in food makes me feel nourished in body mind and soul. I buy what I love, with care not to be excessive or wasteful resulting in a feeling of joy and gratitude for what I have.

This mindset that I’ve had for years regarding food, is empowering yet it wasn’t until much later it found its way into my closet. Biannually I would walk into my space and begin the ritual of folding , moving, rearranging. There was the designated area where I organized my favorite tops, dresses, etc. and then there was the clutter that for years, I deliberated over fearful to make that final decision of stay or go. Some items wore price tags older than my youngest daughter.

One cold winter day, under a brilliant blue sky, sun shining into my bedroom, there was a shift in my consciousness. I was all set to reorganize my closet but not in the same way. I made the decision that I would keep only what I love, and rid myself of the rest. I began piling clothes on my bed and rather than trepidation, I felt exhilarated. A sense of inner trust informed my decisions and I never looked back.

Since this transformation, when I enter my closet to select something to wear, I feel happy, rather than a low level anxiety. My threads aren’t crammed together but rather hang elegantly and visibly or are folded in neat small stacks. Every item pleases me to look at and feels fabulous to wear. Letting go of things that don’t bring you pleasure is an act of self-care. Take a look around and start reevaluating the spaces you fill.


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