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Updated: Mar 25

Color therapy is an easy feel good lift for your home. When I was hired to choose all the paint colors for a small medical practice in Ithaca, New York some years ago. The client was a Pediatric Brian Surgeon. The emphasis on the proper color and decor for the parents and his patients was priority number one. He wanted to them to feel a certain way as they made their way through the different rooms, stages of their care. I quickly wanted to make sure I hit the mark and bought a fantastic book, which is my bible of color, "The complete color directory" a practical guide to using color in your home by Alice Westgate.

Here is a quick reference guide for some of the colors to consider in your life. A little research will go a long way in bringing you passion, comfort and healthy feel good spaces. I'll start with my favorite color:

RED - Passionate, exciting, powerful and vitality. I suspect when you think of Red you think bold, loud statement but remember any version with red in it speaks its own feeling. From Earthy warm Terra cotta to light pinks. Red in its purest versions make you feel excited, passionate and uplifting. Accents in will feel uplifting and energetic. Terra cottas make us feel this earthy warmth, great for the kitchens and hallways. Lighter pink evokes the femininity, as the brighter pinks make me feel excited in so many settings.

YELLOW - Sunny, bright , enlightened and happy. It almost always makes me think of Sunflowers. Yellow and its variations bring an uplifting cheerful bounce to your home. . I prefer a splash of the brighter yellows to bring your eye to details and the saffron mix watered down in a children's playroom and study areas for enlightenment.

BLUE - Cool, tranquil, inspiring and classic. No one denies the calming effects of the water and blue skies. Stimulants healing and cultivates. Blue in its many variations and hues, in my opinion, can be used in any room in the house. For the Obvious reasons many think of bathrooms in relation to water, relaxing and peacefulness. Classic Navy and comfy denim can transform a room and demand our attention. While the blue hues in the flowers that are my favorite inspire us.

GREEN - Healing, nature, nourishing & inspiring. Ever wonder why the scrubs they wear in a medical field are green or blue? To promote a sense of healing. Combined with woods it give us a sense of balance with nature, coexisting with all the rustic elements of what is natural. Spring colors inspiring us to grow, subtle greens for a nursey are wonderful. Moss and sage for kitchens and conservatories. Deeper greens brings us to more classical formal settings.

PURPLE - Rich, soothing, cleansing & exciting. Many of us use this focal point for a strong statement like red. It's royal inspirations that dare us to this grand color in its full vibrancy, like a couch. Splashes of the full spectrum will bring your attention to details. Great for textured linens , velvets and Jaccard. Accent walls of little flower prints in nature make us reminisce of Provence. While its muted hues like lavender evokes a sense of relaxation, soothing even a little sensual.

Painting your home or work space in the right colors will help you decide which is best for your project. Happy Painting!


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