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Not too long ago there was a commercial on TV for Kohler Faucets where a couple walks into an Architects office and plants a beautiful Kohler Faucet on his desk and says "design us a house around this." I had to laugh because I think most people don't understand how often this happens. Now I don't know if they would ask it to be done around one faucet, but you never know.

I had a client some time ago during his first consultation bring me to his very small Connecticut kitchen show me this very special painting, this very large painting that he made a rather large investment to purchase. It was the most important detail in his kitchen he explained. He requested I take my inspiration from the colors in the painting and plan its home around the area he spends most of his time. I understood and a lot of planning went into the space and protection of this painting since the kitchen can be a bit smokey and greasy at times. Another client's one request was to be able to use her fireplace in the kitchen. She said they have lived in this house for over 10 years and never once used the fireplace. The kitchen was tiny, the house was over 200 years old, and there was not sufficient space between surfaces and walls to use this fireplace by code. Over time and past owners there were walls added, added rooms and an updated kitchen some time in the 70's. So special beams were added to the basement to take down all the walls, some of the beams had to stay for support of the upstairs, but she got her dream space.

Clients often will ask us as designers to design a room with something as the focal point or the starting point or the inspiration. This actually is a great place to start. It is very important to understand the reasons your client is asking for a new design. It can be anything. It never really is just to update a space. It's to achieve something they want the space to fulfill , a need or even a feeling they get from something they want in the room. Clients are inviting you into their home, their family and living. I am always grateful for the confidence they bestow on me to give them everything I say I can give them in their project. During this process you become part of their lives and that is very special to me as a business owner and Designer. Some of my clients have kept in touch for over 10 years and that amazes me and again I am grateful.

No matter how silly they think a request is to me as a designer, I am happy to hear the end result was everything they asked for and more.

forever thankful,



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