• Doreen Morris

Is it violet or purple?

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Did you know there’s a difference between them? Purple exists in art and culture but not in optics. Purple combines red which is symbolic of passion and casting roots on the material plane, and blue, which represents communication, openness and integrity. Purple has a richer intensity than violet but both colors are energized by red and calmed by blue. Violet exists on the electromagnetic spectrum. It has the highest visible light wave. It’s the color you see in a rainbow. On a color wheel, violet is closer to blue and purple is closer to red. Even with these differences purple and violet create a similar affect and their symbolism is interchangeable. Purple and violet both have an air of mystery and magic. They were often worn by nobility, holy men and are symbolic of bravery. They’re unique in that they’re not found in abundance in nature and so historically they have been perceived as colors of prestige, affluence and royalty. Purple and violet inspire spirituality, higher consciousness, stir the imagination and open a third eye to creativity. Is it any wonder that in marketing purple and violet are often used to promote something of value. There is a complexity surrounding deep purple and violet that is revealed through pairing it with metallic gold, brilliant pepper stem green, princess blue, or pink peacock (Pantone colors). Want some inspiration? Jewel purple and violet are the colors of “the dreamer.”

Some purple bliss gathered like a bouquet of flowers for you to feast your eyes on for some cool ideas.


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