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color trends for 2019

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

The color of the year is “Living Coral” with golden undertones.

Living Coral is a concoction of red, pink, orange and yellow. It has a spirited brilliance and in many ancient cultures a spiritual history. Mystics and Holy men cloaked in robes of coral hoped to inspire protection in their quest for enlightenment. But beyond that, there is actual “Living Coral” which is the inspiration for 2019’s earth tone theme.

The concept is to bridge those long hours of being connected to technology with a natural indoor environment that energizes and enlivens the body, mind, and soul. It’s an interesting color choice for 2019, metaphorically speaking. Coral is made up of thousands of tiny invertebrate animals called polyps. In order for coral to survive it must attach, giving up a bit of its individual identity. In 2019 will the potential omnipresence of this color inspire a humanitarian consciousness that will carry us toward embracing the reality of our interdependent existence? Let’s hope.

I must admit that when I first read that “earth tones” are trending, I felt like I was being dragged back decades and I didn’t want to go! Then I looked more closely at the exciting paint colors for 2019.

Sultry berry reds that the eye can’t pull away from. A depth of red that grounds the soul, and takes prisoners. Sandstone with myriad colors streaming through in rich mushroom browns, cool relaxing blue grays, warm golden lights, burnt sienna! Greens straight from the heart reaching deep into the fields where copious wildflowers take root in jewel tones of emerald, sapphire, aquamarine. This is the earth we will love to saturate our walls in! The earth tones for 2019 are bold and adventurous, calming and quieting, whether used for accenting or painting the entire room. These colors are born to be paired with a mix of metals, like copper, gold, platinum. Accessorize in these elements to manipulate lighting.

If you’re a color phobe and a minimalist that appreciates the power of understatement, you’ll love the the warm clays and cremes with more colorful undertones. Couple these colors with metals, a glorious slab of natural stone, light colored wood and the great illusionist, lighting.Blogging from

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