• Doreen Morris

One Room Living

Here is a great example of one of my favorite styles, Urban Industrial. You just can not go wrong with the price tag, the organic feel good kinda space, the ease of it. Lots of light, big windows, Kitchen, Dinning, Living and working in one space. There are plenty of places to shop for old industrial if you did want to buy new. I'm always for helping the reusable, renewable industry. Plenty of room for everyone to have their space if need be. Don't shy away from the one room living it's worth a thought or two.

Now, if you have kids this type of living may have its' challenges. As many parents found out this past year, working from home while the kids are around, not easy. Somehow though, they just made it work. Half of the my clients are now working from home permanently. Wow, that is very cool.

Of course this meant some solid planning for us designers and homeowners. How can we make the home office really separate from the rest of the living breathing house. Well, that depends on what you do, where you are, how much space. Space planning is essential. This is a time you will really benefit from booking a consultation in your home for some great advice and move forward with a professional and a plan. Booking a consultation with a professional will cost you between $700.00 to $2500.00 depending on how much you want to do and how many rooms you are planning to change. Take the plunge its well worth it, call a professional and be on your way to a new way of life perhaps.


From my perspective the planet got a little boost to the environment. I heard there was less pollution, less waste, less paper, less of everything. Just think, it was less money, less gas, less eating out, less cars on the road, more time, more productive, more focus, more relaxing (for some) and more home time. Don't get me wrong, I never want our world to have to deal with a Virus like this again, ever. But if we could look at the positive, most of the people that I spoke to loved being home. There were some lessons to learn, some benefits to be had and some comfort we were all helping each other stay safe.

Companies certainly found the benefits since they are not asking their employees to come back to the office space. They saved on so many things. Less travel expenditures, less of a blueprint for office space, less furniture, less of everything really if you think of it. Somehow, I kinda thought we would always be here and sooner then now.

I think this past year was difficult on all of us. I know I certainly look at the front line workers in every walk of life with so much gratitude. It doesn't matter what you do, its important, Thank you from Me. We need to do better, be better. I am hopeful for the future of this planet and the kids ahead of us. We need to start to think and do the smaller footprint now not later. Living in place...ya know.



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