• Doreen Morris


We all know there will be more outdoor living this season then maybe in previous years due to Covid 19. It's all good! We love the outdoors and there are some nice benefits.

Advantages you say? No matter what side of the fence you are on, vaccine resist or not, we all understand outside does make sense. Take a deep breathe, slow down and relax.

It gets us out of the house which not so long ago kind of felt a bit like jail.

Grilling our food is fun, fairly easy and certainly healthier. Healthier is a big plus. Enroll everyone in your household. To each give a small job. Who sets up the table, who helps the cook, who does compost leftovers, you get the picture. Enrolling everyone is a great feeling of togetherness. Don't forget to take some after dinner games to do afterwards.

Clean up can be steps away to your compost pile. Oh, don't have one you say. Well that's an easy one. Take 4 steaks shove them in the ground in a square (however big or small you want your square) tack some chicken fencing around it and well la, you have a compost pit. Don't have the space or ground for that, no problem. Hop on over to you lap top and go to my favorite site Johnnys Select Seeds. I have been buying from them for about 25 years and they are awesome and employee owned which is great to support. You will find plenty of compost barrels and whatnots to give you a start. Read up on how to take care of a compost so you are familiar with the ropes.

Now to the table. Make your table and outside table gear fun, festive and colorful. It make us cheerful to see a colorful table and reasonable cost to buy vintage outdoor

safe plates and cups. Head over to your local Salvation Army or your local thrift shop which usually has a slew of these and it supports your local shop. Paper products just add to the amount of trees we are cutting down in our forests. Just think you are recycling and that is a great thing for this planet, every little bit adds up.

Don't worry about matching sets, think color! Make it fun and festive. Now if you can find a matching set great! But I think its much more fun putting sets of two in different colors a lot more appealing. You will find so many wonderful vintage items to add to your outdoor fun table.

You can send us a picture and some ideas of your own out door living space by visiting our facebook page and we will post as many as we can. Thanks in advance!

You are going to enjoy the journey of setting up your outdoor living space so give it a try!


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