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Redecorating your child's room

Updated: Mar 7

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I'm going to help you redecorate your darling child's bedroom and make it gender neutral. I'm going with the color trends of 2019 and using natural tones on walls, the area rug ( a rubber mat to make it slip proof!) bedding and wooden furniture. I'm going to use impact colors in pillows, extra blankets and shelving, bringing in the brilliance of gardens, gem stones, blues of oceans and the richness of forests. The walls are a warm sunshine white. The area rug is textured and  I'll leave it to you and your child to choose from a natural color palette in all its blazing glory. I suggest you watch a couple of episodes of "Planet Earth" on Netflix. Natures colors are far more exciting and inspiring than a paint chip! The sky is the limit! Pick three to five colors and let your child choose from them. This room will be entirely child focused. Let's enter this process together. Take a deep breath, open your eyes and widen your imagination. Now have a look! All that open floor space in front of you!  Breathe it in, because very shortly it will be dotted in favorite toys, books, and dress up clothes. Floor time is a wonderful thing, so before we start dragging furniture into this space, lets acknowledge that playtime equals developmentally healthy time so let's leave room for action! No matter how big or small, think floor space. But what about all your child's stuff? If your room is small, containers that slide under the bed and roll out work their storage magic. Shelving with accessible baskets is a great way to help your child stay organized. If their toys have a place that they can reach clean up is less challenging. The unreachable shelves are for you. Pier 1 and Pottery Barn are just two options to find attractive utility baskets that slip onto a shelf for toy storage.  Target and Bed Bath and Beyond also carry them. A space for age appropriate books that can be viewed independently is a gift to your child. Keep the technology where you have control over time spent on it. A child size desk or writing space supports self initiated activities like coloring, writing or a surface for building.  Remember, wherever there's a drawer, or shelf there's a commitment for seasonal weeding as your child outgrows toys and clothes. If you stay on top of it, it's not a huge effort. A trunk or a toy chest can be as unique as your fingerprint and the perfect place to keep dress up clothes. Costumes are a fabulous way to spark your child's imagination! Let them paint their own trunk. It will ultimately become a keepsake. Place a cushion on top and it's more seating! A  space to accommodate soft seating like a bean bag, air chair or foam furniture is a favorite among kids.  Place it near the book shelf. Small room? An oversized pillow. Take advantage of corners and walls. If you've been looking online or in kids room design magazines you might have seen the chalkboard wall concept. If this is your first child that chalk board wall in the bedroom seems like a good idea. I can almost guarantee by your second child you won't think so. Chalk makes its way onto and into everything including mouths and there is always that one last picture after bedtime that must be drawn, again and again! Instead, frame some of your child's artwork and hang it on their wall. When you're ready to redecorate your child's room, keep in mind that a well organized easy to maintain space will foster a sense of calm. Colors that are connected with our natural environment subconsciously ease stress and uplift. Accessorize with bright impact colors of their choice! And most importantly, space inspires play, creativity and movement. Have fun!


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