• Doreen Morris


Yes I think Spring has started to appear here in New England and we all know what that means...cleaning up and cleaning out.

There are two things to do when planning your Spring cleaning this year. Don't just clean but reorganize and shed. Yes, I said the bad out loud, Shed.

Shedding the old for the new is going from one stage of your life to another. Shedding things you don't really use or have little use for is a feel good thing. Trust me, I know it is sometimes emotional parting with those things we have grown attached to but can be used differently or replaced. Donate to a friend or a local foundation. Write it off on your taxes.

Start by making two piles: Keep and Shed. My favorite general rule about shedding is if you have not used this item for at least a year then its time to go. Now I'm not talking Granma's heirloom, we may not want to shed in this case. But maybe its time to relocate that item for a different focal point in another room or just put this in storage to pass on to another family member some day.

How about that closet full of things you are hanging on to but never use? Those are things we can absolutely shed or they go to storage. No point in taking up usable space in your life preventing us from taking on some new digs you will enjoy!

That brings me to reorganizing. Organizing a space saves time and makes sense.

Storage solutions , accessories and redesigning a space will make your life easier and look great. Here are some simple examples of reorganized spaces.

Kitchens are my specialty and I always find my clients storing items they use twice a year in their everyday space. Organize the things you use everyday in reachable spaces that make sense and storage for those twice a year items in another area. Then take a look at accessories you can purchase to reorganize and make your life easier.

Well what if we were to reimagine that space organized better? Or organized period. If you feel you can not go it alone, there are lots of professionals out there to help you reimagine and reorganize. Shedding is not a bad word, it has many advantages. It feels good to shed.

Martha Stewart is by far my favorite organizer. She is the queen in my opinion of so many things in our home life. I think you will find amazing organizational articles and posts under Martha Stewart. Its a good thing...it is a place to start.


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